Genevieve Beney (r.k. Priesterin)

Geneviève Beney was born in Paris (France) in 1949. In past she was in charge of cultural and sports activities (secondary school). She had theological diploma of Strasbourg University. She married Albert Ratz in 1989 (widowed who has three children and six grandchildren and one great- grandchild). Geneviève shared Albert’s retired activities: archeology, historical research (local area). She was ordained as deacon in 2004 on the Danube River and as priest in June 2005 on Rhône and Saône in Lyon with great Albert’s support although he was Protestant (Reformed Church). Albert died recently in November 2010. Two charisma of Geneviève: inventiveness (particularly dance) and listening attentively to people. She have responsibility of discernment about candidates for ordination in France. email:

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